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Container Comics by Kaslin Fields

Container comics by Kaslin Fields give you a fun and approachable introduction to container technology. Containers are a central technology to the DevOps and Cloud Native movement. As such, adoption, knowledge of container technology is in high demand.  Meanwhile workers throughout the tech industry and beyond are finding themselves in the midst of “Cloud Native” transformations.

Moving to the Cloud

Running applications in the cloud provides unique challenges and benefits. The cloud allows businesses to be able to offload many of the challenges of running large datacenters. By moving computing work to the cloud, businesses can focus more on what really matters to them. But that doesn’t mean the move itself will be easy. This movement to the cloud also gives businesses an opportunity to re-evaluate what applications they’re running and how they’re running them. And that re-evaluation requires considerable effort, and re-tooling the existing tech workforce.

Moving to the cloud offers new and exciting ways to run applications. Cloud Native technologies allow businesses new opportunities. In the cloud, starting up new projects, scaling workloads on demand, and minimizing downtime can be done like never before. But retooling workloads also means retooling workers.

If your business is going through a DevOps / Cloud Native transformation, you’re sure to have a lot of work on your plate. Challenge number one – figuring out what you need to learn and how you’re going to learn it.

Time to Get Learning!

Kaslin Fields is a Cloud Advocate at Oracle and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador. Kaslin brings her experience working with container and cloud native technology with major cloud providers to you via a fun and creative approach – comics! Container Comics by Kaslin Fields will teach you the basics and give you the tools you need to start your journey toward becoming the Cloud Native expert your company needs.